Air Source Heat Pumps in Barnet

What Is a Heat Pump?

Air Source Heat Pump Installation (ASHP) uses renewable energy technology to transfer heat from the air outside to heat your home and hot water. It works by absorbing heat from the air and compressing it to increase its temperature, then using this heat to warm your home or hot water. This technology is increasingly popular as a way to reduce carbon emissions and save money on energy bills.

Air Source Heat Pump

One of the main benefits of an Air Source Heat Pump is its energy efficiency. It can extract heat from the air even when temperatures drop as low as -15°C, meaning it can work all year round in most climates. ASHPs also require very little maintenance, making them a hassle-free and cost-effective heating solution.

Another key advantage of ASHPs is their low carbon footprint. Unlike gas or oil boilers, ASHPs do not rely on fossil fuels to produce heat, meaning they emit far fewer greenhouse gases. By choosing an ASHP, you can significantly reduce your carbon emissions and do your bit for the environment.

Furthermore, ASHPs offer versatility as they can also provide cooling in the summer months by running in reverse, absorbing heat from your home, and releasing it outside.

Finally, Air Source Heat Pumps can be eligible for government incentives such as the Renewable Heat Incentive, which pays homeowners for the energy they produce through renewable technologies like ASHPs. This can make the upfront cost of installing an ASHP more manageable and can provide a return on investment over time.

In summary, an ASHP is an efficient and low-carbon way to heat your home and hot water all year round, with the added bonus of being eligible for government incentives. Give us a call for an Air Source Heat Pump Installation quote now!

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